1 Analysis: Love Cody Medeiros

Analysis Paper
Cody Medeiros



My concept of choice is love, but not just love more along the lines of “being in love.” In the spirit of my wedding this year it is something that is heavily on my mind and thus I feel it is fitting for this assignment. Everyone has their own meanings of love I have recently found out, but the only one that is important is mine in this instance.


So, here are my thoughts on being in love:


Love is hard work.

Love is caring deeply for someone and/or something.

Love is a choice.

Love is joy, happiness, and fruitful.

Love is giving 110% and expecting nothing back.

Love is compromise.

To be in love is incredible.

To be in love is reciprocated.

To be in love is giving all you have to someone.

To be in love is having another’s best interest.

Love is an adjective and a verb. You can love someone, as in an action and you can love someone as in a description.

Love is powerful.

Love is freedom.

Love is participation.


There are two main uses of the word “love” I think. Someone can love cookies and milk, but that is not what I have described here. What I am attempting to describe are the attributes to being in love. Furthermore, someone can really enjoy a thing in life, but that’s exactly what that kind of love is describing; a thing. To be in love is a feeling that describes your personal love with whomever you are in love with. That is not the same as describing the person you are in love with as a “thing.” To love something or someone is possible and common, but to be in love is an incredible complex mechanism that I do not think I understand to the fullest, yet, that is rare and should be treasured. To say I love my fiancé is a true statement, but the way I love her is different than when I say I love Oreos and milk.


I believe to be in love is: incredible, compromise, choice, hard work, action, amazing, teamwork, fruitful, living, unbelievable.


Thus, my idea of being in love is then;


A complex system between two whom choose to have each other’s best interest and understand compromise and hard work are paramount to keep the love they share living, strong, and incredible.

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