Future Self Activity: McKenna Litynski


Philosophy 201: Professor Dorbolo

By McKenna Litynski

Future Self .01 Activity


My Dear Friend,


It is certainly a privilege to be writing to you. Never in my life have I written to my future self, and therefore I can’t help but feel a swirl of emotions. At this very moment (the present to me but the past to you) I am filled with excitement! I know that someday soon, I will be receiving an email that will be coming from the past that I wrote to myself. How odd will that be? After all, I’ve known McKenna my whole life. However, I acknowledge that the person I am writing to is not the same person I am right now.

This acknowledgement unlocks an emotion of unease, like a door creaking open that leads to the unknown. What kind of person will I be in the future and how will she differ from the person I am right now? Well, I can only imagine that my ideas, morals and values, and knowledge will have grown stronger and more beautiful. This reminds me of a great analogy that I often refer to in life:

I am a seed sprout, being nurtured and guided in life. I soak up new knowledge that rains on me; I use the laughter, happiness, and morals and values that shine on me to fuel my way through the day; and acknowledge that the dribbles of despair or the sadness I feel when I get knocked over are not signs of failure, but opportunities to learn and grow from my mistakes. With every day that I live, I make new branches and connections with family, friends, and good people. I also bud off to live my life in my own world. Today, I am still a young plant full of life which gives me the confidence to know that someday I will be a beautiful rose bush. However, even then, rose bushes never stop growing just like a person never stops learning. I personally believe that if one wants to be happy in life, they must have a constant strive to learn and become a better person during every second…of every minute…of every hour…of every month…of every year… of every decade… etc.

It saddens me to know that some people feel that learning is an obstacle that they have to get through in high school, college, or even working at their job. I personally think that learning should be considered an opportunity to learn to increase their potential for self-knowledge, self- awareness, and humanistic growth. So, that being said, it gives me great pride and relief to know that I am writing to a person that is already wiser than I am today. Yet this does not mean that you, future self, should think that you can stop learning because you cannot! You must continue to live your life to the fullest and never take a chance to do good for granted.

There are so many questions that boggle my mind when writing to you. For example, will I ever be the person that I am writing to now? After all, I live in the present and always will live in the present. I cannot live in the future as there are no time machines (well, not yet at least).

Therefore, with everything that I do and think I redefine what kind of person I will be in the future. Does that mean that the person I am writing to now is not the same person I was writing to thirty seconds ago? Yes, we may be the same person just in different time zones, but that doesn’t mean that we think, look, or live the same way. Which brings me to my next few questions. What emotions would we feel if we ever were to meet? Would you be disappointed in me? Would we be overjoyed, fearful, or confused to see each other? Would the space time continuum break apart or would we be able to talk for hours on end?

So many questions and so little time…I hope you are filled with love when you receive this message and know that the past self was thinking of you.


Sincerely, McKenna Litynski

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